WPS Supports Mobile Friendly Payment Pages

Mobile friendly online payment pages

Thats right! Payment pages are now fully responsive and will look great on phone, tablet or desktop devices. WPS allows your business to create beautiful branded payment pages to collect payments for a wide range of needs. Now your customers can easily make a payment from their mobile phone.

Web Payment Software provides businesses cost effective merchant rates and online payment solutions. If your organizations wants to collect payments online for events, annual meetings or membership dues you owe it to yourself to compare our pricing with the other mainstream players. For events with hundreds of attendees that take in $50k plus, WPS can save you thousands of dollars.

Find out why customer have relied on WPS since 2004.

Why is cost plus pricing the best choice for a merchant account?

The current pricing for an online merchant account at the industries two biggest players is a flat rate of 2.9% plus 30 cents a transaction. The actual cost of the transaction for the processor varies quite a bit. MasterCard Visa & AmEx charge the processor within a range of 0.05% to 2.9% and 10 – 21 cents per transaction. The charge from by the credit card brands (Visa/MasterCard) are called “Interchange”. The actual Interchange rate charged for a transaction depending on serval factors. Read More >>>

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