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Mobile Commerce: Issues To Watch In 2016

mobile commerce Issues to watch in 2016








With a new year, comes new trends as well as new issues. One of the new trends that has a lot of merchants concerned is the rise in popularity with mobile payments. Mobile payments and its recent rise in popularity has spun the traditional payment system on its ear. Even further, companies, especially those in the retail space have had to adapt their marketing strategies in different channels, change their approach to the consumer, and has brought an evaluating light on their data security and fraud protocols.

Why Concern About Mobile Payments?

Before we begin, you might be wondering why businesses have begun worrying about mobile payments. Here’s why; In 2014, mobile payments accounted for $52 billion in U.S. transactions alone, the early numbers for 2015 account for somewhere around $67 billion. That’s a lot of money, everyone from Uber and Starbucks, to big box retailers are seeing the benefits of having their customers leave their wallets at home.

However, where the money goes, crime follows. Mobile fraud now makes up 21% of the $6 billion that fraud costs merchants and card issuers in the US each year. The crazy thing, mobile payments only account for 14% of transactions amongst merchants that accept mobile payment.

The Cost To The Merchant

For each dollar spent on fraudulent purchases costs the merchant $3.34. Thats slightly more than the cost of card present fraud and 27% more than CNP fraud from a PC. Additionally, mobile fraud is harder to track for two reasons: First, the IP address is assigned from where the smartphone is purchased, not its current location. Second, most companies and investigators aren’t equipped to trace mobile Ips.

Despite the high fraud costs, mobile commerce merchants are still keeping overall fraud costs low, but that’s mainly because of the relatively low volume of purchases in comparison to online and in store. However, as the popularity of mobile commerce increases this model will become unsustainable unless proper anti-fraud measures are put in place.

In the mean time, if you are a merchant who accepts mobile payments, make sure your fraud measures are up to date, and make sure to set up some verification system to determine that purchases are legitimate.

Payment Pages Now Available for Political Action Committees

Collecting funds for your Political Action Committee (PAC) can be hard work. Web Payment software’s payment page solutions can make this process as painless as possible. No matter the campaign, Web Payment Software’s payment pages can streamline the process of accepting donations. Our secure payment pages let you brand and configure public-facing payment pages which are hosted in our secure data center, saving you the hassle of strict PCI DSS regulations. Supporters will be able to donate to your PAC and pay by credit card on simple, effective, secure pages. Finally, upon successful donation both the administrator and donator will receive email notifications for successful donations. Curious? Take a look at a few examples over on our website!

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Getting Started With Web Payment Software


Web Payment Software is a simple and affordable e-commerce solution for any business. But if you’re brand new to e-commerce, you might be a little overwhelmed with the whole process.  There are so many different options — where do you begin?  Lets take a couple minutes to break it down.

Merchant Account

You’ve probably seen the term “merchant account” everywhere. But what is it? It’s just a bank account that will allow your business to accept credit cards. Choosing a merchant account can get really, really confusing.  At Web Payment Software, you do need a merchant account, but we take the pain out of getting one.  We team up with the nation’s top payment processors to get you the best rates, quick turn around times, and great customer service.  Assuming proper documentation is provided, you’ll have your merchant account in as soon 48 hours.


Once you have your merchant account, you’ll be able to use all of Web Payment Software’s features. Our software adheres to Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standards, otherwise known as PCI-DSS. So rest assured, your credit card data is protected under the toughest security standards in existence.

We offer a comprehensive suite of payment tools on one platform, for one merchant account, for one very low price. When you use Web Payment Software, these are the ways you can accept money.

1. Payment Pages: Ever need payment for an event, donation, products, invoice, etc.? That’s where payment pages come in handy. Payment pages are hosted on Web Payment Software’s secure serves, which takes the hassle out of being PCI complaint.

2. Payment Gateway: The online payment gateway is like the point of sale terminal is in a physical location. It will process cards, verify them, then accept or decline them. Our gateway fee is half of what charges.

3. Virtual Terminal: If you ever need to accept a payment from the phone, the virtual terminal has you covered. It will turn any computer with an internet connection into a virtual terminal. You can even use it on a mobile device.

4. Mobile Payments: Accept credit card payments on the go! This card reader plugs into the bottom of your iOS device. You can call us for more info regarding prices.

5. Recurring Payments: Tired of sending invoices? Well, Web Payment Software will let you send recurring payments! Your buyer will get billed on a fixed schedule.


We offer a lot of bang for the buck, and our rates are much lower than the competition. If you check out our pricing sheet, one thing you’ll notice is a 2.25% – 2.7% + $.25 each transaction fee. Since that price ranges a little, how do you know what yours will be? Some credit card transactions are riskier than others (AKA “non-qualified transactions), so the bank assesses a higher processing fee. Non-qualified transactions are usually because of failing address verification, no CVV verification, the nature of the products sold, etc.

So there you have it – a little breakdown on getting started with Web Payment Software. Any questions? Feel free to contact us.

Welcome to the Web Payment Software blog!

Hello, fellow ecommerce nerds!WPS

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In the coming weeks, we’ll be using this space to share with you some of our knowledge of ecommerce and online payment solutions as well as respond to your comments, questions and concerns on any posts we may publish! We’re looking forward to using our new blog as an opportunity to reach all of you, our loyal customers and fans, on a whole new level.

Bear with us as we get the blog up and running – it will take some time, but we promise to make it worth your while! In the meantime, feel free to browse our website, or contact us if you have any suggestions for our blog. After all, you’ll be the ones reading this, so we want to write posts you want to hear about!

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