An Affordable Online Payment Solution for Sports Leagues

Trying to find the right online payment solution for your sports league can be confusing and expensive. Some of the mainstream solutions can charge up to $5.00 per registration and then processing fees of up to 3% on top of that. It doesn’t have to cost that much!


Web Payment Software was used by the Rhode Island Breakers, a girl’s basketballSample payment page for a girls basketball league.league, as an affordable registration and payment solution. The RI Breakers hold several basketball tournaments throughout the year. Each tournament has several hundred teams that need to register, make payment and submit team information. This can make for a ton of administrative work.They say “time is money” so streamlining this process helped save the organization a hoop-load of both.


By using Web Payment Software’s “payment pages”, the RI breakers set up a separate payment page for each of their basketball tournaments. Using a separate page for each event lets them tailor the details and collect different data for each event. It also lets them sort the registration and transaction data in to event specific Excel spreadsheets for use at the event.


The payment pages were branded to match their Website and are hosted in Web Payment Software’s PCI compliant data center. The experts at Web Payment Software set up their first payment page with all of the options and information necessary. Then, the staff at RI Breakers cloned that page and tailored the details and options for their next event. Along with having the ability to create as many pages as they need.


WPS’s solutions costs significantly less than the credit card processing would cost with PayPal. The merchants get their money in two days instead of the normal week or two. Web Payment Software also offers a virtual terminal, recurring payments, and can work as an e-commerce payment gateway service all for $15.99 per month.


Web Payment Software is an affordable online payment solution for sports leagues. Want to find out more about our top of the line merchant services? Feel free to email us at or call us at (518)583-0300. We look forward to hearing from you.


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