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The Pros and Cons of Mobile Payment Solutions


Mobile payments are a big part of the e-commerce industry, and they’re one of Web Payment Software’s specialties.  But the term “mobile payments” is so broad.

In short, mobile payments are any monetary transaction that can take place on a mobile device.  Examples include anything from a card-swiping device that plugs into your phone’s headphone jack, to Google wallet, to a store’s iPhone app that makes it easier to buy products.  Mobile payments are growing, and they’re more than likely “the future.”  But as great as mobile payments are, there are also cons.  So let’s break it down a little more.

Why They’re Great:

1.  The Security
If you download an app from a trustworthy company, use a secure Internet connection, and keep your phone password protected, you’re more than likely safe making mobile purchases.  Do customers necessarily believe that, though?  We’ll discuss that in a bit.

2.  They Give Consumers More Options
Say you’re a business at a trade show.  You have a mobile credit card reader. Customers can no longer say, “I can’t buy that, I only have my card.”  In the same sense, if you’re a customer, you don’t need to worry about bringing cash everywhere.

3.  Brand Loyalty
Mobile payment systems help build brand loyalty.  Lets take a moment and flashback to the McDonald’s mobile ordering app.  It’s great for McDonald’s because people download the app, and then see the McDonald’s logo every time they flip through their phone.  But it’s great for McDonald’s fans as well, because they get a cool new ordering system.

Why They’re Not…(Yet)

1.  User Experience
At the end of the day, many users feel that mobile payments are more trouble than they’re worth.  Why download a phone app, just to purchase a product on a tiny cell phone screen, when you can simply go on your computer?  Why scan a QR code to pay for something when you can just pay in cash?  Think about this – you need to have your phone charged in order to pay for something / accept a payment.  What if it dies?

2. They Cost Businesses Money
If you’re allowing people to swipe credit cards on your phone, you’re getting charged a transaction fee, or a monthly fee, or both.  If you’ve had someone design an app to help people buy your products on the go, that costs money.  The ability to accept mobile payments is not always worth the price.

3.  The Trust Isn’t There Yet
Despite what I said earlier about mobile payments being safe and secure, consumer trust just isn’t there yet.  There’s something about sending information through thin air from one device to another, or swiping your info into someone’s phone whom you don’t know very well.  Read this article for what people in the UK think.

Are mobile payments right for your business?  What do you think?

Alternative Solutions for Online Payment


When you sell something online, you’re probably selling in one of three ways.  You could be selling through your e-commerce web store.  Or, maybe you’re using an online marketplace like Etsy or eBay.  Or perhaps you arranged some type of deal through an online forum, and you’re doing a straight PayPal transaction.  All of that is great, but sometimes you need another solution.  Enter our Web Payment Software payment pages. If you sign up for a merchant account with us, you’ll have the option to use these payment pages. They’re great for a number of reasons, which I’ll discuss below.

No Website

To accept payments with our payment pages, you don’t need a website. The payment page gets hosted in our PCI-Compliant data center, and all you need to do is send the URL to your customers.

No Account for Users

PayPal can be a great way to collect money, but what if your customer doesn’t have an account? That can immediately end a potential sale. With our payment pages, customers don’t need to sign up for any account. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Design & Branding

Our payment pages look great without any alterations, i.e. they look good “straight out of the box.” You can change the header to anything you’d like. Or if you have a designer that knows CSS, they can customize it even more. If you don’t know a designer, but you’d still like your payment page customized, we can do it too.

Link from Social Media

As I previously mentioned, all you need to do is send your payment page link to potential customers. This includes the ability to post the link on social media! If your audience is on Facebook, for example, you can make a post with the link in it, then ‘pin’ the post to the top of your Facebook page, and send people directly to your Facebook page.

Thank You Pages

Once your customer submits a payment, they don’t get left hanging on some blank page. You can customize thank you pages, and set up automatic confirmation/thank you e-mail messages.

Interested? Check out some of our sample payment pages.

The Mountain Commerce Facebook Shopping App

More than one billion people currently use Facebook. It’s by far the largest social media platform to-date. Currently, 50 percent of web sales occur through social media.

If you own a business and you don’t have a Facebook page, you’re missing out big time! For those of you who do have Facebook, it’s time to take your business page to the next level. Check out the Mountain Commerce Facebook Shopping App.

According to data, 20 percent of Facebook users prefer buying products through a brand’s Facebook page, as compared to it’s website. That number is only expected to grow in 2015. What better time than now to start selling on Facebook?

Our Facebook Shopping App is easy to use. Just login to your Mountain Commerce Facebook Store, add a banner, customize your catalog and payment options, and voilà! Once your store is live, customers can browse products, add them to a cart, and check out — without ever leaving Facebook.  This makes for a seamless customer experience!

The Mountain Commerce Facebook Shopping App is inexpensive too. Our beginner package is only $24.95 a month! For more information regarding our Facebook Shopping packages, please visit our pricing page.

Finally, we believe your business will benefit from our Facebook Shopping App so much that we’re offering a 30-day risk-free trial.

You’ve got nothing to lose! Try it today!